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Even wondered how clunky and difficult Dark Souls would be in first-person? Turns out its way smoother than you thought.

YouTuber Iron Pineapple, known for A-Grade Dark Souls videos, posted a video demonstrating what Dark Souls is like in first person.

Way back in 2013, VaatiVidya showcased a mod for the original Dark Souls, but it looked way clunkier, and had serious camera issues. This recent mod shows to be way easier to control, and even PVP-capable.


If you want to try the mod out yourself, the Reddit post where the mod originates can be found here, and the MEGA download link can be found here.

WARNING: Souls developer From Software is known to softban players if there are any modifications to the game, regardless of wether the player was hacking or not. There have not been confirmations of whether using the mod leads to bans, but regardless, use the mod at your own risk.

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