I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

OR: How I stay true to my friends.

Note: This article is part philosophical mumbling, part criticism on current trends. Don't take it too seriously, this is just supposed to make you think.


Let us play a little roleplay here, ok?

Let's say Microsoft is your big brother, Sony is your younger brother and Nintendo is the best friend you ever had.
You don't like it that your brother always watches over you and threads you like a child, or even worse, like a person that's not on par with you. You used to look up to him, but now he's grown into a jerk.
Likewise, you spend a lot of time with your younger brother and you have fond memories playing with him in the past. But now there is a misunderstanding with him, and all of the sudden the two of you are in a conflict and both of you are too stubborn to settle it with a straight discussion.


Beyond all of that is your best friend who has never been part of your unique universe that is your family. You just hang out and have a good time. He's the neutral guy, because he can't hurt you too much on a personal level like your brothers do, you just enjoy the time together.
But now your friend suddenly becomes a dick as well. Will you bring him to his senses, talk to him, tolerate his bad phase and give him time to fix himself?

Tell me dear gamers, which console out there is your best friend right now, which you'll stick to until the bitter end? Once you've made your decision, can you look yourself in the mirror and honestly say that you stayed true to your principles?
For me personally, right now my PC is my big brother, I work with him as well as play with him. But there also is Sony, a friend I hang out with occasionally to play a game. A true childhood friend. I only care about what games I want to play with him and disregard any other factors.
I would never betray my PC, and I would never betray Sony. No matter what sort of developments there are, I've made my decision. I'll buy a PS4 at one point, because all the games I want will end up there.
The world isn't perfect, and as such there's always something standing in your way. I approach the future with a straight face anyway. Heck, I even consider getting Origin even though I hated it up until now. But after all this time I can safely say that Origin is not the worst thing to happen - Xbox One is.


I said so in a comment the other day, and I plan to stay true to my word. In the same vein, when I said I'll support Sony as early as their conference back in February, I will do so, regardless of what the Internet says.

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