Last time on Ignoring the Main Story in Battletech, I discovered that it’s quite easy to survive in Battletech by only playing the four lowest level planets in the game. Despite their pitiful shops and milk run missions, quite a bit can be achieved with a little patience. After playing the Axylus story mission, I was again surprised.

To recap, I went to Axylus with a Wolverine-6K, a Shadowhawk-2H, a Griffin-1N, and a Trebuchet. All the mechs that you start with, except for the Shadowhawk, had long been retired. The mission itself was as difficult as you might imagine. It was a milk run, the hardest part was capturing the Quickdraw. After jacking it though I was somewhat disappointed. I had forgotten that the Quickdraws are crap battlemechs. Despite being a heavy mech, the Wolverine, a medium mech, outperforms it in every way. The Wolverine can have upwards of 900 points of armor in total, as much as some assault mechs. In the end the Quickdraw at least proved to be a better LRM boat than the Trebuchet.

Now the entire lawless section of the periphery was open to me. After a quick scan I realized that the best place to go would be Espia for its two and half skull rating. Mission ratings there could go up to as high as 4 skulls. But they were always destroy base missions that mostly featured vehicles and sometimes one heavy mech. I think the game factors in the base turrets when calculating difficulty.

I wasn’t expecting heavy mechs to make an appearance this early on, but boy did they show up and beyond. Assassination missions continue to be reliable sources of mech farming, but what you really want to look out for are the missions named: “A Stubborn Surrender”. In one such mission I fought a lance that consisted of only two mechs. One was a spider. The other one? Well…


Hello there. - Obi-Wan Kenobi

At this point my lance consists completely of heavy mechs and our mech capturing capabilities had only gotten more efficient. In my first playthrough I encountered an Atlas in such a mission pretty early on as well, but was unable to capture it. If I were to run into an Atlas again, it’d be on it’s back within the first 5 seconds.

After the pilot gave up on himself and my crew hosed what remained of him out of the Stalker’s cockpit, I fashioned it into our new and ultimate LRM boat, and gave it to Dekker. Yes, Dekker is very much still alive. He stayed alive for the entirety of my first playthrough as well. Making him the LRM guy and keeping him far away in the back probably did the trick.


Eventually running into Orion-K’s (Or as I like to call them, The Oni-K, like japanese demons) became routine, and soon after, we retired our Thunderbolts and now I’m running three Oni-K’s and the one Stalker. My battlemech collection now consisted of every light and medium mech, (except for the Urbanmech of course) almost every heavy mech, and one assault mech. I don’t even have the Argo yet. God knows where Yang is keeping all this shit. The only heavy mechs I’m missing are: The Orion-V, and both Catapult variants. I had one part for the Oni-V, and I have no idea how I got it. Catapults don’t show up at all. Not that it matters since… You know… Stalker.

It was about this time that I realized that I had a lot of money, and being able to capture mechs so efficiently, I would make more money when I prioritize salvage when taking contracts. So I decided to start paying my people more money in order to increase moral. Even though I was paying upwards of 600K C-Bills a month, I was of course, still making a profit. Just how much do we owe this bank? After maxing out morale I reverted back to the regular wages.


If you keep taking contracts with free travel costs, you inevitably end up where the next story mission is. So after doing that, my mercenary company has over 50 million C-Bills to its name. Needless to say, upgrading the Argo after we get it, is not exactly going to be a daunting task.

It’s time I go to Weldry and release those prisoners of war. It’s only been 16 years, 10 Months, 4 Weeks, and 4 Days after all. I’m sure they’re fine. That Jagermech that shows up though? Oof, I gotta watch out for that one! [Sarcasm] Oh well. Here goes nothing.


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