I wasn’t expecting to write a follow up this soon. But by the title you may have already deduced the reason why I am. The game is stonewalling my progression.

Liberating the prison was another drink of water. The most annoying enemy was the trebuchet, not the Jagermech. I also would have been able to salvage more mech parts if Kamea hadn’t kept running up and coring them when they were knocked over. (“Coring” The act of targeting and destroying the core torso of a Battlemech. Resulting in only one piece of salvage being available post-mission.)


I then took some Arano Restoration side missions to increase my reputation. I don’t remember the early Arano missions having these many skulls though. I suppose the game really is scaling somewhat, or at least the side missions are. I even ran into an Orion - V. But I prioritized reputation on the mission. I was sure I’ll run into another one later.

After liberating the prison and receiving the Argo, I was expecting to be surprised again. I’ve been spoiled up until now. My hopes were raised to the point that I thought that I might even be able to run into the occasional assault mech on more missions now. Especially if I did something that I didn’t even realize I could do, this early in the game, in my first playthrough. Which was fly into Taurian territory.

Upgrading the Argo requires time and money. With over 50 million C-Bills, plus the two months it took to travel into Taurian space, the Argo was already in pretty good shape by the time I got there. It wasn’t long before I got the low-g pool and had the pleasure of telling my crew that I have naked footage of them.


I was surprised to find that the Taurian Concordat wasn’t offering me any missions. I wasn’t surprised to find that my reputation was too low for the higher leveled Davion missions. But I was surprised by how I was ineligible for higher leveled Liao missions, even though I was already at allied reputation with them. After taking some entry level missions for Davion and became allied with them, I still encountered the same thing. I figured I should max out the reputation of my mercenary company as well.


I reached enough points for level 5 mercenary reputation with the board of mercenaries, but instead it looks like I lost all reputation stars, as you can see in the image above. I haven’t encountered any assault mechs, but I was able to finish most of my heavy mech collection. I still need one salvage for the double PPC catapult. They are not common, and for whatever reason they keep exploding.

So I decided to go and Liberate Panzyr, the next priority mission, in an attempt to fix my reputation problem. It didn’t. Now I’m worried that this is a bug and it might never fix itself. But I’ll persevere. I visited my old stomping grounds of Espia while the next priority mission was getting ready.


The first time I did the Smithon mission, my lance suffered heavy damage. I always try to finish all side objectives, so I refused to blow up any ammo caches or let any trucks escape. This time I had a different plan. I sprinted my lance to the left, so a mech can more easily engage the trucks as they show up. After they were dealt with we retreated behind a hill. The enemy mechs would come into line of sight one by one, I’d knock’em down and core them. Still the mission is still one of the more difficult missions. Apart from the head shots the enemy keeps landing, they actually managed to pierce a piece of armor on one of my mechs. But still, my reputation remains either stalled or bugged.


I’m supposed to head straight to the nearby moon and commit some war crimes, but I’m gonna take another break from priority missions. I’ve been keeping some older save files just in case. Speaking of that next mission, that lady brings that PPC catapult into a martian biome and talks about how she’s gonna win. Is she out of her mind? Of course she kept overheating. Oh well.

At least It doesn’t two months to get into Taurian space anymore. But the side missions really are getting harder. Withdrawing on some missions has become something you should really consider at this point. Oh and one more thing. In case you were wondering, the price you get for selling things stays the same no matter where you sell it.

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