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I'm Almost Certain Sony Used CGI Presenters for its PlayStation 5 Showcase

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Is it just me or was something definitely off about at least some of the presenters at PlayStation’s showcase yesterday? If I didn’t know better I’d say I was looking at a very high-detailed render of Kazunori Yamauchi of Polyphony Digital, and not an actual person on camera.


It doesn’t seem to just be the lighting. His skin is almost too perfect, as though it’s just the tiniest bit waxy. His shirt? Perfect, unblemished and wrinkle free. The lighting might be at play here but I honestly just don’t think that’s the case.

Could it be possible that Sony have used high-detailed models of these people in light of COVID-19 preventing the agglomeration of these presenters and necessitating a massively over-the-top CGI recreation of at least some of their presentations?


It would be one heck of a “GOTCHA” if they have. We know for a fact that Sony seem to be toying with this idea of giving little info and letting the community talk themselves into a frenzy over speculation. What we don’t know yet is whether or not the PlayStation 5 has the horsepower to create these types of high-detail models that almost perfectly avoid the “Uncanny Valley”, and if it does, whether Sony would have the boldness to use them in a presentation and then say nothing about them.

But man, something just seems so off about some of these presenters, and I’m almost certain it isn’t just lighting. There just seems to be too much image processing going on for it to be actual footage, and not Performance or Motion Capture.


“Were some of the presenters on the PS5 showcase CGI?”
”Here’s why some people are saying that the presenters for the PlayStation 5 Reveal were fake”
”Is the PS5 powerful enough to fool everybody without them knowing?”
”If you think that any of those guys were CGI you’re insane.”

With the drip feed of incomplete information that Sony have revelled in giving us for the first half of this year, what better way to keep the marketing buzz going by not only not announcing pricing yet (sneaky), but also slipping in super detailed CGI models of real people without telling anyone? And letting the discussion go on unconfirmed for a few months before releasing a new video saying “You may have had your suspicions, and yes. Some (but not all) of the presenters in that video were CGI rendered in real time on PS5 hardware. This is the power of PlayStation 5.”


Just think of what that would do for the brand when suddenly people are exploding over that kind of reveal? And after months of rumours and speculation? Where people are digging up this event video and analysing it frame by frame now knowing that some of those human beings are definitely just CGI?

It would be marketing genius, all because they didn’t talk about it at first. And damn, I hope I’m right about this.


I promise I’m not crazy.

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