Screenshot: Bethesda (Fallout 76 Trailer)

News dropped yesterday in the form of a new entry in the Fallout franchise. This is a numbered Fallout but not in the vein of a sequel, Fallout 76. Bethesda was streaming a Bobblehead on their Twitch stream teasing a reveal the other day. Every patient viewer was rewarded with this trailer,

This was the first news story I read the other morning. A typical morning entails me rolling over and grabbing my cell phone first thing. Work emails or text messages take precedence then I hit up my gaming and NFL news sites. I skip local news and all of the other bullshit. Weather? Who cares I’ll know when I step outside. I’m older now and am very specific in what I want my mind’s eye to start the day with. A lot of my peers always tell me I live in fantasy world, what other kind would you want to live in?

Screenshot: Bethesda (Fallout 76 Trailer)

At first read it I was extremley glad the word “Shelter” wasn’t in the title. Sorry but I absolutely loathe mobile games, I even cringe when I refer to mobile games as games. The last thing I want is seeing my beloved AAA publishers putting time and resources into something thats simple enough I can play it with finger swipes. Sorry I don’t consider finger painting gaming. I was still hopeful Bethesda wasn’t trolling us.

My Fallout History

The Fallout franchise really drew me in last generation on my Xbox 360. Fallout 3 was my first foray into the series and had a profound impact on me as a gamer. The impact came in the form of complete awe the first time I stepped out from Vault 101 after trudging through the intro. It was night time for me, I don’t even know if it was the same for everyone else but I’ll never forget glancing up at the sky and seeing that glorious star studded velvet backdrop stretching out above the capital wasteland.


Being stuck in that vault for the intro helped with the immersion. After stepping out into the world and realizing I could walk in whatever direction wanted to I was awestruck at how big and ripe Fallout 3 was for exploration. I played the crap out of Fallout 3 and was enraptured for every twist and turn Bethesda served me up. Easily in my top 10 games of all time, certainly it had it’s flaws but the experience Fallout 3 introduced to me still has me searching for that moment of awe in every new game I buy.

Screenshot: Bethesda (Fallout 76 Trailer)

Fallout: New Vegas came out and once again I was drawn in. I loved the dramatic change of scenery the new spinoff offered me. I’ve always loved going to Vegas, getting the chance to loot and shoot my way through a real world location I’d visited plenty of times really enhanced the experience for me. New Vegas was able to build a believable atmosphere for me, if a nuclear war did destroy most of the world I couldn’t imagine a better real world location to be in other than Las Vegas.


Fallout 4 was kind of a bummer for me. I played about 25-30 hours of it but never really got into it. I could just be older now and only have attention span to enjoy a finger painting mobile game. I didn’t really vibe with Boston. It wasn’t recognizable to me, I didn’t feel drawn into the atmosphere like I had been with DC or Vegas. I was really hoping for some new additions to the Fallout formula, I don’t know what I wanted exactly but I was hoping that Bethesda would blow me away again like they did the first time I stepped out of the vault in Fallout 3.

I know in Fallout 4 they added base building. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, maybe even more than the main story line. It was clunky for sure, thats to be expected, but it wasn’t integrated enough into the main story line to be a true addition to the game in my eyes. When I think of the Fallout franchise it’s been one that has always drawn me into it’s world and allowed me to get lost in it. Fallout 4 failed to do that for me, I know there are plenty of people that loved Fallout 4 but this time around it didn’t happen for me. It honestly just felt like more of the same to me.

Fallout 76

An hour or two later Jason Schreier ended up posting another article about Fallout 76 here. According to Schreier’s sources Fallout 76 is an online survival game. The hype for me went from a 6 to an 11. I’m sure long time Fallout fans didn’t want this, they wanted Fallout 5. I think it is way too soon for Fallout 5. I’m sure people want another Elder Scrolls game as well. Elder Scrolls would just feel like more of the same to me.


I love the chance Bethesda is taking with their new spin on the Fallout franchise. I always applaud developers for trying out new ideas, they don’t always work out but variety is the spice of life. Gaming is just like fashion in the sense that’s what hot is always changing to either something new or bringing back an old favorite. I feel like gaming has been riding the retro vibe hard, especially with this current console generation. It’s great to see a step in a new direction, even if it is with a franchise like Fallout.

Screenshot: Bethesda (Fallout 76 Trailer)

I want Fallout 76 to be an online survival title. I hope it is not a battle royale or a free to play game. I want a survival game with some sort of progression that can be saved. Online doesn’t mean that it has to be PvP, I would be ok if it just ended up being PvE. I think when people see online thats what they get most scared of, having to play directly against other people. I actually prefer PvP in most games, there are also plenty where I don’t. Destiny is a great example of that, I’d much rather cooperate with other players to take down AI controlled enemies.


I’ve dabbled a little bit in Fortnite and PUBG and realized they’re not for me, especially once they started putting them on smart phones. I did enjoy dropping in with friends or randos running around grabbing random loot. I thought it would be fun if there was a mode where we just fought zombies instead of other players trying to see who could be the last one alive. I didn’t like losing all of progression every round either. There should be penalty for death in a survival game but for someone like me with time constraints I’d enjoy it much more with some form of a progression system.


Fallout 76 completely took me by surprise. It’s E3 next weekend and I’m sure there will be plenty more about Fallout 76 at Bethesda’s conference. My guess is it will be out this Fall. I wrote a post a week or two ago essentially about E3 hype and crazy predictions. The Fallout 76 announcement is what makes E3 such a cool event and reason to get hyped. I can’t read enough E3 rumor and speculation articles. I feel like we’ve gotten some really big announcement already, lets hope we still have some surprises in store for us at E3 itself.


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