I'm really feeling it!

At the end of the summer I will be travelling to the land of the rising sun, with my brother and our significant others. This is my first time going to Japan, and really, it’s my first time travelling to another fully developed country overseas (I’ve only been to the Caribbean for out of country vacations before).

I need your help, TAY!

I’ve been researching online, finding out all sorts of things about etiquette, places to go, food to eat, etc., but I feel like that’s not always enough. It’s easy to miss little things that no one normally thinks about. That’s where YOU come in. I know a lot of people on Talk Amongst Yourselves have been to Japan in the past, and I know that a lot of people on TAY have travelled to other fully developed nations, so there must be a wealth of knowledge here.


TAY, have you got any tips for travelling?

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