I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I'm Proud Of You

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Four-hundred and sixty articles, and counting. That’s how many articles you’ve written as part of SixTAY Days of Writing.


Nine of us wrote the full sixty, and that’s a fantastic accomplishment that requires patience, discipline, and acceptance with imperfection. Seven more wrote anywhere from one to 45 articles, and they deserve our recognition as well. Many of the people who posted articles in the single digits either had never posted before, or made a small number of very quality articles. Many of the people who posted in the middle range had uncontrollable life events, both good and bad, prevent them from completing the challenge.

Regardless, in a post with 600 views, you 17 are the 2.8% who rose to the challenge, and the nine who completed it are the 1.5% who saw it through to the end.


This doesn’t make you better than the other 97.2% or 98.5%, as I’m sure you know. We all lead different lives, with different goals, needs, and schedules. But at the same time, I hope you take this accomplishment with pride.

There’s no way he’s reading this, but I want to give credit to Kirk Hamilton all the same for coming up with this crazy challenge. (or at least giving it to me, I don’t know if he’s the first one to ever think of it.) I learned so much about myself the first and second time doing this, and I hope you take something valuable you learned about yourself by taking this challenge as well.


I have some ideas that may or may not come to fruition in order to celebrate your hard work. But if they never see the light of day, please know that it is not out of a lack of respect for the incredible effort you all put in for this, whether you wrote one article or sixty. I also want to thank everyone I thanked in my SixTAY post for helping to take this idea that I had for an event and making it accessible and fun for everyone. I want to thank Narelle Ho Sang and all of the other administrators for the very same thing, but also for managing all of the crazy extra traffic the site got during this sixth of a year.

And I finally want to thank everyone who comments, stars an article (It will never be save! Resist!), or just reads one of our posts. I wrote and made videos for some other places before finding TAY, and quickly burnt out on them because I felt like I was screaming into a void. There’s nothing more encouraging to keep making something than knowing that other people out there are seeing it, so thank you for being such a good audience. (most of the time)


Starting tomorrow, I’ll be commenting on the last article of everyone who wrote as part of this challenge that’s more personal to that specific person, as everyone brought something unique to the table each day. I’d have them in the article itself, but frankly, I’m struggling to stay awake writing this, slipping in and out of consciousness. If there are any weird sentences or mistakes, that’s why.

Here are the champions whose names shall be etched forever in the SixTAY Days of Writing Hall of Fame, with a perfect score of sixty articles written*:



Papito Qinn


Sir Hippo


Tamales y Atole



And here are the honorable mentions for those still brave enough to take up the challenge, with the number of articles written:

cdax — 45

The Geek Empress — 30

Christian Cashman — 25

XMetalWolf — 7

RTLewis — 5

Demilung — 4

XenoEthan — 1

*Not all of these people have posted their last article(s) of yet, but due to their consistency throughout the event, I have faith that they will finish strong.

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