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This is aimed at the gaming population at large. This fetish you have for hating on EA needs to stop. You are doing nothing to solve the problem, in fact you're making people like me that agreed with you jump ship and stop caring.

This constant complaining about Origin, EA, and all things "terrible" about the company at large was one that I was mostly in on at the beginning. When EA bought Bioware, I was apprehensive. When Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age 2 came out, I was right there with everyone displeased with the design decisions in both. I was at a loss at how fundamentally each RPG had turned into some weird fusion of shooters and fancy (read: limited) dialogue wheels.


When they started beating the Battlefield license for everything it was worth, I was worried.

When they royally nuked the Medal of Honor franchise, I was upset.

When they released the awful Command and Conquer 4 and then never released the probably terrible free-to-play Command and Conquer, I was really pissy.

Yet, as I write this, I harbor little ill-will over the whole thing. Why? You all turned me against you. Being mad is one thing, but acting like EA is a bane on the industry is wrong. I know more than anyone how much EA has nuked franchises. I'm a fan of the Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Command and Conquer, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Crysis, and SimCity franchises and every single one of them has experienced the same thing; they all made questionable design decisions that ended up hurting the game severely. I feel like I'm quite qualified (more so than many people on the internet) to be angry at EA.


I'm not though, because we've got a whole world of video games outside of EA. Sure, they butchered my favorite franchises, but I'm tired of people being pissy at them for every little thing.

I constantly hear about how terrible Origin is, when in reality it's one of the most stable game delivery platforms I've had the pleasure of using (*stares at UPlay*). It doesn't have many deals or a vast library of games, but it's a pretty good client for my EA account that I rarely used.


I constantly hear about how EA is the worst company in... America was it? Anyway, it's a load. For how many of my favorite franchises EA has destroyed, it's hard to not give them credit for two things: new franchises and being one of the frontrunners in the gaming industry. Compare EA to companies like Namco-Bandai (damn right I'll still call them that), Activision, Nintendo, and any number of companies. New IPs are excessively dangerous: They cost a lot and they have a chance of basically no returns. EA has managed to consistently deliver new IPs on a fairly regular basis, and they usually turn out really well.

Furthermore, EA is a frontrunner in the gaming scene. They set the tones for the year to come both on the consumer-side and the financial-side. They've, for better or worse, helped make gaming into a sprawling business that is far more accepted as an entertainment medium than even ten years ago. If EA were to suddenly collapse, it would send violent shockwaves through the industry. People don't seem to understand this.


Will this ever completely make up for their murdering of my favorite franchises? Hell no it won't, but the sense of entitlement and ridiculous hate I see delivered to EA on a daily basis is really out of hand. I'm willing to bet that a great number of people doing it never experienced the same franchise murdering that many of us haters at the beginning did (I'm at nine!). EA hate is popular now because it's "cool". It's ridiculous because that's clearly not what I wanted to happen when I joined the EA hate years ago.

I'm not an EA hater anymore. I'm not really an EA fan, but I'm at least willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. It's not because EA suddenly got better, but because the hate has eclipsed the actual hate deserved.


Effectively, you (you know who you are) made me do this. You hated EA so much that you're turning people against you. Stop it. Speak with your wallet and don't buy their games if you're mad, there's an entire gaming industry out there.


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