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Important TAYbletop Notice

REALLY SUPER IMPORTANT - I NEED YOUR SHEETS! Also confirmation from Aikage's group that they saw and understood this. Seriously, I need character sheets today from Aikage's group!

Some changes are going to be put in place here.

First, for the sake of making things more simple, I'm numbering the groups. My original group (Shardik, Kcet, Koda, Detective Plunkett) is one (1), the Tuesday Group is two (2), and Odikage's group is three (3).


Second, until JollyBoots returns I will be DM for all three groups. This means that Group 3 will be meeting this week instead of next week. Which also means I need your sheets. Check the TAYbletop tag for more info and how to get it to me.

Edit Perhaps I should have made this clearer - I'm taking over Aikage's group. We'll meet tomorrow. But only if I get your sheets in time. (email them please, it's how I'll get you the campaign link)

Lastly - Have fun!

Questions? Suggestions? Want to help? Approve/disapprove? Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email. Planeskulker@gmail.com

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