I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Oh look, a snow day! woah I get a day off work with nothing to do like school work or anything stupid like that, so I'm watching some anime! wooo! I also wrote up a review for Outbreak Company for B-Ten.com, but I'll be re-writing it and making it a Fabulous Fyst review soon enough. So I just stumbled across Asura Cryin on Crunchyroll a few days ago as a part of my effort to use the service to it's fullest now that I'm paying for it and not on the train so much (at least until the 22nd).


It's Bonkers. Seriously a whole bunch of stuff happened within the first episode I was kinda taken aback. I'm not sure that I actually like the series or not yet, but I will give it that it's interesting. It revolves around a young guy who's haunted by the ghost of his childhood friend, and is mysteriously gifted a trunk by a shady girl who's a friend of his brother's who's conveniently out of the country. This trunk causes him to be targeted by three different groups, and they proceed to shoot the hell out of his new house. Oh and the trunk contains a giant evil robot. That all happens within the course of the first episode?! And that's not the entire course of events either. I'm still digesting the thing and trying to get a grasp of whether it was good or not, but I'm planning to watch it further to decide. It's got 26 episodes over two seasons so someone must have liked it!

Have you guys seen it? Any random anime that you weren't expecting take you by surprise like this?

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