A day or two ago, Game Informer published a ton of new info about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is now launching only three weeks away alongside the launch of the Nintendo Switch. Those who chose to read the spoiler-y articles and watched the very facetious interview with Aunuma and Miyamoto learned about one of the game’s main dungeons, a new Paper Zelda (again, very facetious), and the fact that you can’t eat horses, which... is good. Anyway, today I’m going to write about what I think about each of the five screenshots Game Informer released.

In this first image, we see Link facing off against two rather large and intimidating stalfos. These things are massive! Link barely meets one stalfos’ hip! He’s also holding what looks like a very powerful hammer that should come in handy against fighting such formidable foes. Also, because we know that Link can use the weapons of enemies he defeats, I can’t wait to wield the skull-spear thing that one stalfos is thrusting at Link. Visibility also seems to be greatly impaired through the heavy snow and cover of night, showing how weather and time of day might affect how you play by altering how far away you are able to see.

This next screenshot gives us a closer look at Beedle, who can evidently be found near horse stables. He seems as distressed as ever, and largely retains that cartoony look that we’re accustomed to that makes us love the character. He sure must get tired carrying around that pack, though!


This screenshot shows some curious rock formations that almost resemble trees in what can be assumed to be the previously-seen snowy area because of the... you know... snow. It certainly looks beautiful, but there unfortunately isn’t much else to note.


This is one of the more visually impressive screenshots. While we have no idea if there are any frame rate drops when lightning strikes, the appearance of so many bolts of lightning at once amongst so many blades of grass is very stunning. The lightning does seem to appear along a wide area, however. Would there have been any way to avoid the lightning, maybe by seeing or hearing a prompt before it strikes, or do you get punished for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Will the lightning start a fire? This screenshot certainly raises a lot of questions.



While I’m admittedly a little salty game Informer and Nintendo thought it a good idea to release this screenshot, I will admit that the boss is awesome. It has the same circle patterns everything in this game seems to have, with an arm cannon and a singular glowing blue eye. I’d bet you have to shoot it right in the eye to take it down, but hey, they are challenging the conventions of Zelda, so maybe you’ll have to think of something a little more creative than that. Either way, I can’t wait to fight this thing.