I'm really feeling it!

With the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate yesterday a bunch of hunters around the US final got to realize their dream of trolling their fellow hunters by launching them in the air and actually being useful. As you all might have guessed I spent a ton of time yesterday hunting some monsters and learning the new monsters and weapons, but I forgot to do one thing. I forgot to include you guys D:

So to rectify that I'm going to be hosting an inpromptu tay hunting session at 11am PST.


If you don't have it already, My Friend Code is: 2680 – 9959 – 5863

Also, I will update this post with online room and the password for it when it's closer to 11.

I look forward to hunting with you all!

Edit: I'm going to postpone this gathering to tomorrow to see if anymore people show some interest in hunting together.




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