I'm really feeling it!

Impromptu Movie Night Thursday 11/20/13 (tomorrow)

I have asked the Gods for a sign, and the Gods have responded, "Meh, do what you want."

I took that as my queue to render all your objections, of which there were none, moot.


Thursday night, we will be watching Samurai Cop. Poco was the one who originally voted for Miami Connection and now brought this gem to my attention. If the trailer is any indication, you'd be remiss to miss this, Swiss. We will start at our usual time of 9:00pm but I'll be hanging around in the AOL IM chatroom from 8pm.

If you're new to movie nights: We watch a movie while chatting about it in an AIM chatroom. It's tonsofun (tm), and we'd love to have you so head on over to http://www.aim.com and download or make an account. Then find me using the username Issiyo so that I can add you to the chat. Hope to see you there!

Here's a link to the movie. Don't watch it without me.

If you have any trouble getting set up let me know in the comments below.

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