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Well it's that time of year again. A new Call of Duty game and also time to start jumping on that bandwagon once more. I think I'll pass again.

So, for those of us that don't know, a new Call of Duty has been announced. Here's the trailer for all 3 of you.

This happens every year, a new Call of Duty is announced and even more people decide to automatically hate against it without seeing a single glimpse of gameplay just to feel powerful and intelligent in front of a computer screen. I hate that.


Before I go any further, I should just clarify, I'm not even the biggest fan of Call of Duty. I the last one I played was Black Ops 2, and I only really played the campaign for it. So before you go to the comments just to call me a "COD loving bundle of sticks", feel free to read the rest of this.

While the title may suggest I'm going on a rant defending Call of Duty, which at the moment I'm typing this up and it probably will, I think this will be more about how the gaming community is one of the worst communities out there. The biggest problem I think with the gaming community is that they are constantly demanding change, yet the one thing we are afraid of the most is change. The moment we see a beloved franchise mix things up to keep it fresh, we feel a need to be against it, even without playing the game ourselves. You may be wondering what this has to do with Call of Duty, it hasn't changed in years? I feel it will be like this:

  • Call of Duty doesn't change, gamers begin to flock together like sheep saying how little it has changed and it is going to suck.
  • On the other hand, if Call of Duty does change, gamers will once again join together to say how it has changed too much and now it will suck even more.

It's a no win scenario for Call of Duty.


Gamers like to think that Call of Duty hasn't changed at all over the years. It has. I feel it has changes thing up every year enough not to warrant the abuse it gets. New guns, new maps, new perks, new story, new setting, new campaign. I don't know about you, but that seems like a lot to me. Games like Counter-Strike, Battlefield, Mario, Pokemon, Grand Theft Auto, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and near enough every single sports series haven't changed much, some even less that Call of Duty, but yet it's the game that gets all of the abuse. I think this needs to stop. Will it though? Probably not.

The multiplayer is one of the best gaming experiences you can have, in my own opinion of course, provided you are playing with friends. I remember when I was younger, a few of my friends and I would spend entire nights just playing Modern Warfare or World at War until the early hours of the morning. We don't do that anymore, due to getting older and having less time nowadays, but we would still get together every so often to play some games, and 6 times out of 10 we would play Call of Duty.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying everyone who likes Call of Duty is wrong. I'm sure many people can give very valid reasons as to why they don't like the games. The games aren't perfect at all. I think they shouldn't be rated so high in reviews. I'd give Black Ops 2 a 7/10 and it's my favourite in the series. It's just the majority of gamers who don't like the game seem to either have never played any of the series or they're not capable of independent thought. What ever happened to the saying "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"? I think that saying should be an important part of the gaming culture. If you don't a series, there is no need to insult it or the people who do like it. Everyone has their own opinions and no single person is correct. Gamers should get used to that.

That leads me on to the next point. The fans and the stereotypes. This isn't me saying they're the worst. It's quite the opposite. Not everyone who plays Call of Duty is a ten year old. How do I know this? I'm not 10, and haven't been for a while. I don't know a single ten year old who does play it, though I'm sure there are. When I did play Call of Duty I don't remember many ten year olds playing too. Though they all seemed to be screaming at each other in French or German. This stereotyping needs to stop along with every other. Do you play World of Warcraft? Are you fat and live in your parents basement? No? Well according to stereotypes you are. People who do play World of Warcraft may find this hurtful, so why wouldn't people who play Call of Duty find it offensive when they have their intelligence insulted? We're all gamers here, and that's not changing anytime soon, so we might as well get along.


Finally, we come to the developers. Cut them some slack, please? They're just doing their jobs, earning a living so that they can bring home the bacon for their families. What's that? They make Call of Duty? Time to send them death threats? What the hell is up with that? I don't know if any of you know who David Vonderhaar, he is a Game Designer for Treyarch and might as well be their Community Manager. I haven't met the guy but he seems like a great person. When Treyarch patched Black Ops 2 and nerfed some of the guns, he received death threats, along with threats of violence towards his family. I know few people are like this, but they are the most vocal minority. This behaviour is disgusting. You are threatening someone's life over a virtual gun.


That mostly comes from people from within the Call of Duty community, but other gamers shouldn't feel so good just yet. They can be awful too. This is Sledgehammers first time lead developing a Call of Duty game. I have faith in them. Maybe they can something that everyone will love. Unfortunately, this is not good enough for some people. Right of the bat you will see gamers already denouncing the game. There are still 6 months to go! You haven't even seen gameplay! At least wait until E3 to give some decent impressions.

Take a look at the comments section of that trailer. A flaming pot of friendship and happiness, isn't it? People are somehow putting together that the game will be dumbed down because it's in the future and will therefore be awful. How does that work out? I love Sci-fi, does that make me an idiot? I hope not, but that's just what the bandwagon does, tries to make fun of Call of Duty any way they can.


I'm a strong believer that all games, books, TV shows, albums and movies are good until I actually play, listen or watch them. I think the gaming community would be a much better place if more followed that. Though I'm just one man and I doubt many people will read this, so I don't think that's going to pick up any time soon.

I'm just going to finish off by saying that the trailer has gotten me interested, I love the future setting, the story seems interesting, graphically it looks amazing and if any of my friends get it I'm sure to have a blast online with it.


Oh, and this guy:


Anything with Kevin Spacey in it automatically gets at least an 8/10 from me.

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