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Hey everyone!

So, I’m not going to lie that I’m a bit upset now, not so much in the angry kind of way but just a bit put out. Recently Aikage wrote a post called a ‘Town Hall’, during which he took the time to criticize the admins of TAY and personally call me out for something that is just not true. He has EVERY RIGHT to make that post, and every right to say what he wants, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling pretty attacked, you know?


So I want to more formally clarify a few things.

Taykobon, the portion of AniTAY that has been writing those manga reviews, receives review copies, quite a few, as you can see.

We have never ever used the reputation of anyone except ourselves in requesting review copies. Taykobon has a very active twitter feed that is followed by several of those publishers, and our reviews have gained a certain level of visibility that makes them valuable on their own.

We also DO NOT write so many reviews out of obligation to publishers in the sense that you are thinking of. We request specific volumes because we WANT to review them ourselves, and there are so many because Matt and I are very enthusiastic and love to write manga and light novel reviews.


Another accusation that seems to be common: apparently I never participate in TAY’s various forums. I don’t even know why this is an accusation at ALL, because I do participate in the forums, rather frequently, and I thought that people would have noticed that enough to know that I do.

I also wanted to clear some things up about the roundup: I have spoken both with Zarnyx and Steve Bowling, because I like to talk things out and lay my cards on the table very clearly, since I’m not the kind of person that does things ‘in the shadows’ or whatever. After my talks with them, here’s what I want to say: I fully support the way the roundups have been handled lately. I realized in my conversations with them that I was not upset about AniTAY being ‘misrepresented’, I was just upset that a series of articles written by TimeHacker/Captain Indie seemed to be getting a large portion of the ledes. Please note that I am not saying this in an attempt to call anyone out, but I need to say it in order to explain that I do not consider AniTAY poorly represented. Zarnyx has been doing an excellent job, and I hope that she continues to do her thing. So thank you Zarnyx and Steve for talking with me.


So long story short, I would appreciate if people would just let me write and share my posts, I’m not looking for...whatever the hell you think I’m looking for. I just want to write what I want to write without being vilified, and I’m pretty sure that is what TAY is about.

Feel free to ask me any questions you want to.

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