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In Which I Send My PS4 in for Repair

Destiny was my excuse to purchase a PS4. Given my unresolved backlog of PS3 games this was an unjustifiable expense, but damn it, I just wanted one. Besides, this coincided with one of the very few times in my life when my checking account held more than $150 - why not blow it on something frivolous? The sleek white case served as the necessary enticement and as soon as it was announced I placed my Amazon preorder without giving it much of a second thought.

It served me right that the beautiful, sleek console of my dreams came with a huge flaw. After a couple weeks of perfect cooperation it began beeping at me, apropos of nothing. The first time it happened was after a marathon gaming session; as I powered off and shambled down the hallway to my bedroom I caught the distant but unmistakable triple-beep of a console in distress. I made my way back to the living room in time to catch it powering back on and ejecting the disc, seemingly of its own free will. “Beep-beep-beep! Shoulda thought this through, idiot!”


Over the next few weeks the beeps became more frequent, the ejections more violent. It got to the point where my PS4 would not simply eject the disc, it would launch the game out of the disc drive with a vengeance. I successfully ignored it for months, buying most of my games in the form of digital downloads. It was funny until it started forcing me to replay the same section of The Wolf Among Us several times over. Still, I resisted sending it in for repair. Logically I knew I should just bite the bullet and send it in while it was still under warranty; the irrational part of me refused to part with the system for any length of time.

I was finally convinced by a friend - blackmailed with a withheld Saints Row 4 co-op playthrough, if we’re being real - to send it in to Sony for repair. Within five minutes of that very effective coercion I had submitted a service request and received a confirmation email. I had to look up my Amazon receipt in order to to provide the date of service and realized that I was within three weeks of the end of my one-year warranty. Suddenly I felt exceptionally stupid for having put it off for so long.

In three days I received a FedEx shipping box with a prepaid return label. On day four I gently, lovingly packed up my console, double-checking that the foam supports would keep it in place before sealing it in the box with the repair slip and a copy of my Amazon receipt. I dropped the box off at a FedEx shipping center on my way to work and carefully tucked the receipt with the tracking number into my wallet.


And then I waited. I had my PS3 and a library full of Steam games that I had yet to touch, and still I irrationally hankered for my PS4 games. Sure, I had had weeks to play the Dragon Age: Inquisition Jaws of Hakkon DLC, and though it had barely interested me mere days before I was suddenly consumed with the desire to play. I mean come on, I had just started to master the choreography for that stupid Kesha song in Just Dance. And what about Rocket League? I had only started playing, just gotten into the swing of it, and now it was off the table for the foreseeable future. TRAGEDY.


After a day or so I began to fully grasp how stupid I was being. I reviewed the row of unused PS3 games in my closet and realized just how much game time, the sheer amount of content I had shoved to the side in order to jump to the next console generation. It wasn’t just that there were games I hadn’t even played yet - Deus Ex I will get to you someday, I swear - it was that I had unfinished business with the games I had been playing regularly.

And so I went back and played through about an act and a half of Dragon Age II in order to get that one last trophy I needed to get the platinum. It glitched (thanks a hundred, Black Emporium DLC) and, not being able to face the idea of starting a whole new playthrough for the sole purpose of collecting rare herbs, I moved on to getting the last Mass Effect 3 trophy that I needed. I had forgotten what an unrelenting bitch Kai Leng was in that game and promptly moved on to another game I had been meaning to finish, Persona 3. I played almost 30 hours of P3 in a single week, finding a strange joy in the mastery of such an overly-detailed, nit-picky RPG.


And then, much sooner than the promised 7-10 days, my PS4 was repaired and returned to me, completely free of charge. I’d like to say that I resisted the urge to move of to the newer and shinier toy and stuck with P3, but …. nope. I jumped right back into Rocket League and once again got my cardio on with Just Dance. I gleefully dove into that co-op Saints Row playthrough and happily ran around in DAI for a few hours, not even remembering what it was I was supposed to be doing.

... I’m sure I’ll finish Persona 3 someday.


Nicole T (street name: Barkspawn) is a gamer and writer in California. You can find her on Twitter @ser_barkspawn and read more of her articles here.


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