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Increase Your Foreign Language Fluency with Let's Plays

Learning a new language can be hard. Correction: learning a new language is always hard. There are hundreds of things to learn, from vocabulary to grammar and beyond. While there are multitudes of ways to increase your proficiency, immersion is always beneficial. Unfortunately, native speakers to converse with are not always accessible―especially ones whom you share interests.

So: Let’s Plays.

Assuming that you have some sort of interest in videogames―this method can apply to other videos too, however―I’ve found that watching Let’s Plays in my language of choice have not only increased my auditory abilities but have made learning a new language a lot more fun. You begin to pick up on key phrases that you would otherwise hear in English videos of the same nature (eg: “OK” “Let’s do this” “Kill him!” “We have to―” “I did it” “#!&%$” , etc.)


Disclaimer: You do need a certain level of proficiency in your language already for this to be of any benefit. Otherwise, everything they say will probably just sound like a bunch of nonsense. There are some instances where the audio of the game might be in English, however, so it might make more sense.

Like when learning any other skill, adding incentives is always a plus. And in this case, learning a language and also watching a hopefully excitable YouTuber play games are a wonderfully fun mix. To get started, try searching for [Game Name] parte 1 if you’re learning Spanish, or alternatively replace parte with whatever word is appropriate for your language.

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