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Indie HYPE: Apotheon

The Pitch: 2D action RPG with Grecian urn art style and heavy Greek mythology influences.

Current Status: Released on PS4 and Steam

Links: Homepage, Steam

Apotheon takes Greek mythology and classic Greek art and builds an action RPG experience around it. Everything is rendered in 2D using a monochromatic color palette that changes as the game progresses.


There are myriad different weapons to grab and to use. Each one has strengths and weaknesses. For instance, you may be able to throw a rock a short distance and cause huge damage, but using a spear gives you a much longer attack range. Shields can block hits, but require a bit of skill to time properly and can break if overused.

At SxSW Gaming, we played a quick demo of the local player-vs-player combat. It was pretty fun, but I found myself really wanting to play the campaign.. The PvP made a better demo for the show floor, though, and really helped us get a handle on the art, music, and basic mechanics of the game.

From what I understand, exploration is a key element of the single player experience. I know after playing for a few minutes I was intrigued by the environments and really wanted to go deep and see every nook and cranny.


Bottom Line: Apotheon blends a unique and distinctive art style with rich and varied hack-n-slash combat. Give it a go if you're looking for a classy styled ARPG!

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