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Indie HYPE: Chroma Squad

The Pitch: Part business sim and part tactical combat RPG, Chroma Squad puts you in charge of managing a Super Sentai (aka Power Rangers) TV show.

Current Status: Prerelease, coming to PC on April 30th and other platforms later on


Links: Homepage, Steam Greenlight

Behold Studios is currently putting the finishing touches on Chroma Squad, and I have to say it looks all kinds of awesome. You may have played their previous game, Knights of Pen and Paper. At SxSW Gaming, we got a chance to check out the latest build and hang out with studio founder Saulo Camarotti.

You start out by hiring a team of 5 color-coded heroes to fill the various roles on your team. Each potential candidate has his or her own skills, and each role comes with its own skill tree as well.


Every "episode" takes place on a tactical combat grid, pitting your heroes against whatever evil force is threatening the world this week. The same silly humor that lampooned tabletop RPG'ing in Knights of Pen and Paper is in full effect here. In the demo, the forces were lead by the evil Boxing Box, a guy in a giant cardboard box with boxing gloves on.

The turn based combat gets pretty nuts, and the more teamwork you show (by performing acrobatic stunts and working together to pummel baddies), the more hyped up the actors become. Eventually you can "Chromatize" and bust out the trademark color-coded spandex jumpsuits.


We didn't get to see it in the demo, but I was promised (and screenshots prove) that there are giant robot vs evil monster fights on tap as well.


Between episodes, you can craft new equipment out of various supplies - including the ever important duct tape and cardboard.

Bottom Line: If you like Power Rangers, tactical combat and/or business sims, Chroma Squad is going to be right up your alley. It's like the unholy love child of Disgaea, a Kairosoft game, and Zordon.


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