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Indie HYPE: Ephemerid

The Pitch: A laid back papercraft style rhythm game with a rockin' soundtrack.

Current Status: Released on Steam and iOS

Links: Homepage, Steam, iTunes


Ephemerid is a deceptive game to watch. If you just check screenshots or watch a video with the sound off, you really are missing out. It seems like an arty papercraft platformer if you just catch it out of the corner of your eye.

Put on a pair of headphones, though, and you realize it's a rhythm game that's all about flow. The soundtrack is straight out of classic rock. I almost expected Freddie Mercury to start crooning partway through.

Here, take a listen to the trailer:

The gameplay is purposefully fail-proof. There's no missed chords to worry about, just do the best you can and experience the music and the story the visuals tell.


Ephemerid was one of several games we tried at the MIX SxSW Gaming Showcase booth. The first part of the first level was a bit tricky with a mouse and keyboard. Brent from Super Chop was on hand, and I asked him about it.

He said that the interface works better on touchscreens, but that people were generally using tablet speakers to play back the audio, which really is a sub-optimal experience. My suggestion would be to grab the tablet version and slip on some high-quality headphones to get the best experience.


Bottom Line: Ephemerid blends relaxing gameplay and a high-energy soundtrack to get you to that rhythm game "flow" state and keep you there.


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