I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

If this GIF of me dry humping a stick of butter doesn't sell you on I Am Bread, you're just beyond hope.

I Am Bread just made it out of Early Access, and it's the latest title from Bossa Studios, makers of Surgeon Simulator.


If you've previously played GIRP or Octodad, you'll probably feel pretty at home in the world of I Am Bread. On the other hand, if you're turned off by the often obscene difficulty of Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread can be somewhat easier by comparison.

I particularly liked the Rampage and Zero-G modes, both of which were a bit more forgiving than the default story mode.

At any rate, if I've whet your appetite for more I Am Bread coverage, check out my I Am Bread review for all the yeasty details!

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