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The Pitch: The mastermind behind Infiniminer and SpaceChem brings puzzling science into the third dimension.

Current State: Steam Early Access

Links: Homepage, Steam

In case you weren't already aware of Zachtronics, Zachtronics' Infiniminer is basically one of the major influences for the creation of Minecraft. SpaceChem is arguably Zach's most famous game, and it's a geeky puzzle game in the most extreme way.


Infinifactory is kind of the melding of these two concepts - a 3D environment made up of blocks, where inputs flow in and must be converted via a complex series of machines in order to create the desired output.

Since Zach was nice enough to give me access to a build, I wrote an entire preview for this game. Go check it out!

Infinifactory is in Early Access. This does not mean what you might think it means. It is a polished, finished, entertaining, bug-free experience. It's basically released already. I always tell people "don't buy Early Access unless you're comfortable with none of the future promises coming true." In this case, you're already getting something that most people would consider "finished."


Bottom Line: If creating crazy mechanisms out of redstone in Minecraft or optimizing reactors in SpaceChem is your idea of a good time, go check out Infinifactory! It's worth the investment in time and cash.

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