The Pitch: Stark winter landscapes and Norse iconography blend with massive boss battles a la Shadow of the Colossus.

Current Status: Targeting release on Steam in September 2015

Links: Homepage, Steam

Man, gods are the worst, aren't they? You devote your entire life to furthering their glory on the mortal plane, and when you up and bite it they deem you "unworthy." Such is the plight of Thora, cast into what amounts to Viking purgatory for having died "ingloriously" - whatever that means. Probably forgot to fill out form 11-Q-18 for "honorable discharge from Earthly servitude due to cessation of bodily functions" before biting the big one.

Well, at least they've given her a shot to redeem herself. Just quest through the afterlife and slay a few jotun (giants, natch) and she's home free.

Uhhh... just how committed are we to this whole concept of Valhalla, guys?

While at the Media Indie Exchange SxSW Showcase booth, EBongo and I took a crack at slaying a jotun. Despite some early failures (I wandered the snowy wastes for a good five minutes before Will pointed me back to where the demo started so I could actually, y'know, fight the boss...) I managed to squeak by and beat the giant with just a sliver of life left. Will said that I was one of only 3 people at the show who managed to accomplish this feat! Watch out, ice giants!


Jotun is a downright beautiful game. Between the snowy wastes of the demo level, the expressive, angry giant, and my tiny but extremely detailed avatar, the whole game looked awesome.

Bottom Line: If giant boss fights and Norse mythology sound like a good time, Jotun will be delivering both in spades when it is released, hopefully later this year.

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