The Pitch: Thomas Was Alone, with colorful puzzles (literally) and a shotgun.

Current State: Alpha, working on Steam Greenlight

Links: Homepage, Greenlight, Humble Store

Pixel: ru2 is a puzzle platformer with some dual-stick shooter elements in development by C63 Industries. We checked them out at PAX South 2015, where they were showing off a demo including the tutorial and a tricky (but rewarding) level.


The game is focused on a single pixel as it journeys through a series of complex and challenging levels. The gameplay focuses on the color of both your pixel, which you can change via passing through certain colored squares. There's also combat elements which rely on changing the color of your weapon.

Gravity also plays an important factor - some squares will rotate the whole level, while you can jump and/or invert the gravity to get around obstacles and navigate the levels.

All these systems sound pretty straightforward in theory, but when I sat down to play I realized how difficult it was to master. The alpha demo tracks your score based on the number of pickups you grab, your time, and the number of deaths you rack up. Despite enjoying the game, my score was firmly in the negative when I finished the demo level! I feel like I was getting "in the groove" by the end of it, though.


Bottom Line: If you enjoyed the simplistic pixel graphics and engaging puzzle platforming of Thomas Was Alone, but you're looking for something a bit more challenging and deeper, keep Pixel: ru2 on your radar.

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