The Pitch: Cursed for his douche-y behavior, Doug McGrave must now frantically battle demons in arena-style ARPG combat, grabbing whatever weapons he can!

Current Status: Planned for release in April 2015

Links: Homepage, Steam

Y'know, it just doesn't pay to be a jerk. Doug McGrave was an elite demon hunter with all the best gear and elite skillz. But then he pissed off the wrong witch, and now he's stuck with a curse - he's been busted down to a level 1 wimp, and his weapons are constantly breaking on him. He's been forced to save the village he was willing to abandon, and this time he's got to do it for free.

The Weaponographist is a top-down arena-style action RPG. The combat reminds me a lot of The Binding of Isaac, which in turn was heavily influenced by the original Legend of Zelda. Each room is full of weird and wacky monsters, and these monsters have a chance to drop their weapons when killed. It's a good thing, too, as each weapon you pick up has only a limited number of uses before it falls apart and you're left punching demons bare-handed.

On top of this, Doug's got to keep his combo going. If he's not hitting enemies, the combo meter slowly drains. Once it runs out, Doug's earned experience will start to wear away, making him weaker and weaker the longer he avoids combat.


If it hasn't already become obvious, The Weaponographist is chock full of roguelike elements. Between runs in the dungeon, you can spend "demon goop" in town to trade for things that ease the burden of the curse.

While we were at the MIX SxSW Gaming Showcase booth, we spoke to David Bricken of Puuba about The Weaponographist. He suggested that new players focus on being aggressive and not worry too much about losing - "death happens" was the way he put it.


Bottom Line: The Weaponographist is a challenging, aggressive top-down action RPG with roguelike elements. If you enjoyed games like The Binding of Isaac, you should check it out!

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