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Infantile Igglybuff! Pokemon One a Day, Series 2!

Day 23

Balloon Pokemon

You know...Igglybuff ain't even as cute as Pichu or Cleffa. Still, I wanted to go for an illustration that would just be the personification of chibi and all things adorable...as if a baby unicorn might have vomited rainbows and glitter onto the screen. Thus, enter the all things kawaii edition of Pokemon One a Day!


I started the draft with a simple approach - the creature is known as the balloon Pokemon, why not just do an actual balloon? I put it down on the paper and then asked..."now what?" I would never push out a piece so straightforward and unimaginative.

I then decided to go overboard with balloons! Igglybuff could be the premiere star of her own balloon parade of other babies:

But no. That couldn't be...Igglybuff needed to be highlighted! With Snorlax, I could get away with adding other creatures because they were so puny around him - Snorlax was still the focus. So, I thought of Igglybuff as a balloon, and noticed she looked sweet and fluffy like cotton candy, following the notion that Cleffa was sort of a marshmallow herself.


Thus came the push to highlight Igglybuff in a sort of PowerPuff Girls status. Sugar, spice, and everything nice! Ice cream, cupcake with sprinkles, rainbows, hearts, shooting stars, lollipops...the goddamn WORKS!

I wanted to go with hard shading and a limited palette. When I mean limited, this thing was only pink until near the end. Or so I thought. I forgot that the waffle cone for ice cream buff was tannish, so I decided to spread out a yellow tone to the other parts of the image - stars, and turn the muffin into a more baked goods color than pink frosted from before. I also added the blue eyes at the end which I think help makes them cuter and pop more, as does the outline of the main three igglys.


Is there anything really left to say? I think not...this picture should speak VOLUMES of cuteness, and if it doesn't, I don't know what to say haha. So, that leaves me to wrap things up here for One a Day...Thank you for joining me, TAYtertots. Do your thing with comments and critiques if you got any and leave your response to the...

Question of the Day!

Who's your all time favorite baby Pokemon?


Exploring the creatures of Gold and Silver, Pokemon One a Day Series 2 can be seen as both a standalone project and expansion to the original marathon of artwork that sought to present one unique new illustration per day. This project builds upon the exploration of personal technical and philosophical concepts and visual styles under daily deadline to create quality works for personal and professional growth.


Learn more about the artist, Bonny John, at www.bonnyjohn.com ! There you'll find links to his YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and DeviantART accounts, in addition to his other bodies of work!


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