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Nintendo Life scored a very interesting interview with developers Causal Bit Games. My choice quote:

NL: Shovel Knight is another download title which seeks to emulate the experience of past consoles. Why do you think there's such interest in this kind of retro visual style today?

Chris Obritsch: For me, this style is what I grew up with. It's what I still want to play. I still love it — it still feels like a video game when you can see the pixels and see that someone spent time drawing out the animation for something. The art style still shows. A retro game was/is always a quick burst of intense excitement. You won't typically waste a day to a week of your life playing a retro game, unless it's an RPG. For someone like me who has no time to play games for extreme lengths of time anymore, this is just a better choice. I will always love not being hand-held in a game. I love the rush of adrenaline when you get to a really hard boss and you know that if you die you have to do everything all over again — or at least from a previous a checkpoint. If Capcom and Konami still made games like this, I would be throwing my money at them all the time!


For a two man team, Chris and Daven have certainly brought an astonishing amount of polish to "Insanity's Blade" and I for one after playing the PC demo am really looking forward to the finished product on Wii U. The interview also covers future plans for the series and the developers themselves. As we wait for release date information, please enjoy some fantastic gameplay footage from Stage 2:

Are you looking forward to this title? What's your opinion on the whole retro-revival scene?

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