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Intellectual Properties That Would Make for Terrible Video Games

Another Journey of Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs in the Fantasy Land of Seattle

Inspired by Zarnyx’s, Narelle’s question about video game movies, I started thinking about what IPs would be awkward, forced, and just awful as video games.

There are so many games that already exist that have no reason to, like Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit, and Wayne’s World for the Super Nintendo. These are obvious cash ins that tried to entice kids, or fans of MORE POWER, into dropping $60 bucks on a premise that simply doesn’t belong in a game, solely on the license alone.


We even got a game based on The Noid, and for those that don’t know, all he is good for is ruining pizzas.

I made a couple of examples, but I wanted to see what else might make for an abysmal gaming experience and since my Photoshop skills are laughable, I’d thought I’d reach out to y’all!

How many can you get?

So tell me, either in Photoshop form or just in a comment, what properties do you think have no business being turned into video games?


Actually, now that I think about it, a Frasier game would be AWESOME.

Someone make that. Nintendo? NX launch title maybe? Niles Amiibo?

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