Regardless of the fact that people still don't seem to understand how it works, this internet thing has been around a good while now. Time enough for things to become buried, forgotten about by even those who were once big fans.

This is an attempt to get one and all to dig up some of your old favorites from years gone by.

What do you mean I'm supposed to post some of my own examples? Fine, fine.

  • #3: Unforgotten Realms

A good portion of my early time on the web was spent at a site called Newgrounds. Mostly flash games and such, there were a good number of videos that made it big enough to be considered series. I mean, like enough to make a whole article based around it while doing the least amount of work possible. But I'm not going to do that, I have standards.


Anyways, Unforgotten Realms was a quirky little cartoon about two friends playing a game of Dungeons & Dragons. Much of the music was ripped straight from old video games, and the drawings were crude, but the humor was rather top notch. and as an avid D&D player myself, I must say Sir Schmoopy is a good representation of the average player. (Creator credit goes to Robert Moran)

  • #2: Neurotically Yours

Okay, okay. Yes, this one is from Newgrounds as well. I swear, this is the last one. Pinkie swear and everything.


Neurotically Yours stars the energetic Foamy The Squirrel. He spends most episodes extremely angry, and curses, gestures, rants, sings and rages against almost all of humanity. Straight into your heart.( Creator credit: Johnathan Ian Mathers)

  • #1: Madness Combat

Now this is just ridiculous. Did I do anything on the internet other than Newgrounds in my teens that wasn't porn related?! Let's not answer that.


Madness Combat. It's in the name. After "Somewhere in Nevada", the never-officially named protagonist ( dubbed Hank by the fans) would cut through dozens of henchmen on his way to get....well, his reasons were never truly given. But his quest leads him to battle the forces of The Savior ( an obvious representation of Jesus), zombies, The Sheriff, and an evil nigh-unstoppable clown. All set to the awesome music of newgrounds techno artist Cheshyre. (Creator credit goes to Krinkels).

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