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Introducing Dungeons and Dragons sessions (and TAYbletop)!

Hi all! As some of you may have heard, there was a random game of Dungeons and Dragons on the #tay IRC channel a few nights ago. Since then, multiple people have expressed interest in doing more. During that session we had two people who had never played before, so even if you haven't either you are invited to participate.

So I'd like to take this opportunity to gauge how many people are interested and start some preliminary discussion on how this will work.


First off for D&D, I know that I can handle up to five players at once on a weekly basis. So, knowing that there are probably more than five people interested in playing, I'd also like some volunteers to help me GM. Otherwise I can do two groups bi-weekly, though it would be easier on me to do one group bi-weekly.

We'd be using version 3.5 rules, along with some "house rules" that help me run combat more easily. We'll start with just the core rules and at level one, so that new players can get a chance to learn the rules. I use this for looking up rules and such. There are others out there if you google SRD.

IRC is probably not the best tool for all of this, so suggestions for an alternative are welcome. At some point we can try other games, like Pokethulu, GURPS, Pathfinder, etc. but for now let's stick with D&D.

So bottom line - Who's interested , what times and how often? Also recommendations, questions, comments, threats, suggestions, or anything else.


EDIT: When I said 3.5 rules I mean just the core rulebooks, at least at first. This is because it looks like there are a lot of people new to this who want in. Perhaps we could have a beginners group and a veteran group?

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