I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled Introducing Sylver-kun!

Hey everybody! Meet Sylver-kun, my new review mascot, buddy and helper! Isn't he fabulous? :3 I'm still tweaking him hear and there, but this is pretty darn close to his final design for my upcoming review of Devil Survivor 2! This is *my very first time* digitally inking and coloring something, so be gentle #O.O# Though, any tips or suggestions would be super welcome! I've got three more versions of his head to do, and the background before actually writing the review, so it'll be a ways off yet! Just thought I'd show everybody what I'd been diligently working on for the past few days, and I have a new found respect for what Stormborn does on a daily basis, DAYUMN man I don't think I could do one of these a day!


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