I'm really feeling it!

Oh God, What Now?

Bear with me here this will be fun. Similar to Harry Potter where the school there, wizzers academia, had houses that were awarded points for doing stuff, so here would points be given to certain houses based on attendance at things or winning random contests, or posting on TAY or ....whatever we can think of.


You Mean I Have to Show Up?

Yes! Or post. Or ....make a great comment, or ....generally participate in keeping the community great here. Events that will earn your house points (not an exhaustive list as to what will gain points we’re feeling this out here):

  • Game Nights
  • Movie Nights
  • Karaoke Nights
  • Mafia
  • Running Your Own Event!
  • Story Contests
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Run Club

Other things that will get you points for your house:

  • Commenting on Articles!
  • Writing articles that generate community buzz
  • Being helpful in some way

OK, So how do I join Slytherin?

So we’re not really using Hairy Porter houses, just the idea and framework. We will have Five Houses based on how you answer the following questions and where the sorting hat puts you!

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