I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Hey you! Yea you! Have you ever wondered what those crazy kids from TAY Game Nights are doing? No? Then you are probably a Bear playing a refreshing game of Dota2. But for everyone else that would like a live view into the (sometime chaotic) world of Game Nights there is now the TAY Stream Channel!

Yes I've streamed Game Nights before but there are those times where I can't attend or don't own the game that is being played. I'd like to have a central hub for TAY Game Night content and other community content/events. Thus the Stream is born!

What Can I Post?

Well that's a tough question since I was primarily thinking about Game Nights and another project I want to introduce at a later date. Since I was thinking of the community I'd like to have some input since I can't really think of what else would be appropriate content. Although, it would be nice to have a showcase of newly released games.


How Do I Sign Up?

You can either contact Aikage or me (but he'll probably direct you to me) and we'll get you added. We'll need your email social,address,DoB,favorite color,furbies,bases so you can get your Stream key emailed to you.

Illustration for article titled Introducing TAY Stream Channel

SEE! No lies.

Do I Need to Use This?

Not at all. Stream your content as you please. This is just a project to get the community involved more with live content. If it doesn't work out it will just be dedicated for Game Night streams and archives.


The actual channel is here!

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