I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Introducing: TAY Stuff

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Hey, ever wanted to, I dunno, play games together? How about watch movies together? Have a. Themed post contest? Welp, all that stuff we already do from time to time will be rebranded as TAY ....Stuff: Name pending bugaloo.


This is really just me following through on my new years resolution to try and be more active with everyone. I don’t want to consign myself to a monthly movie night/game night so I’m just going to have a monthly THING. Next month (Feb) is a movie night! How’s it work? Well we have a few options depending on the movie we pick:

1. Kast.gg - this worked rather well as a replacement for rabbit since it went kaput


2. The ole 3, 2, 1 countdown on Netflix.

3. Discord screen share? I think we tried this with some small amount of success.


Anyway, as y’all know I try to run things both through discord as well as the site so if you’d like to use discord to have it remind you aout the event or to vote for which movie we’ll watch, head on over.


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