I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Introducing #TAYCLASSIC

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Miss the old TAY? This might help.

So I've observed a few problems with this new TAY and had a few pointed out to me:

1) It's too exclusive.

2) It's becoming a bit too formal.

3) Replies in the open forum can't be sorted chronologically.

4) Manual approval means making everyone authors is a little impractical.

Now I've expressed an interest in maintaining the new style of TAY rather than trying to convert it straight back to how it was. Some of you agree, some of you don't. And I can see and understand the problems you might have with the new system. So I've been racking my brains for a solution and CallistoEx has kindly suggested one. It's a bit of a stopgap solution, but will hopefully allow us to maintain a balance between the new TAY and the old.


So here it is: http://kinja.com/tag/tayclassic

It's a tag page. If you post something to your personal blog and attach the tayclassic tag it'll show up there. Posts will be sorted chronologically and hopefully it should feel a bit more like the old TAY.


We'll still continue the open forum posts of course, and I ask that any author posting one includes a note about this. Hopefully we can get everyone aware and using it quickly enough. Let me know what you think and go give it a whirl.

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