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Inverted Controls in 2013

So, the vertical camera controls in Wind Waker HD are unchangeable. I've sorta gotten used to it, but almost every time I switch to first person mode to aim, I get discombobulated (I spelled that right?!) because I used inverted controls for FPS.

Even worse, I started playing GTA V again and now switching between two games with different controlling third person cameras is really disorienting.

I just found out that there is no way to invert the controls in Lego Marvel Superheroes, which is a deal breaker. I can understand why the controls in WW HD aren't reversible because you're not so much panning the camera up and down as you are zooming in and out, but in 2013, it's a crime to not have the option to invert the camera controls. I seriously wonder how this major omission could get into the final retail product unless every single developer and play-tester for Lego Marvel uses default controls.


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