Starting this Friday, some time in the late afternoon or evening (USA) we'll be having our first roundtable. What is a roundtable? It's a discussion amongst a bunch of us about a specific game, which then gets written up and posted here, in TAY, for everyone else to read and comment on.

How are we going to have this chat? With IRC! Don't worry, though; if you've never used IRC before, it's super easy. You can download and run the preconfigured client here (just make sure to follow the instructions about changing your name). If you're running a Mac and want to participate, um... I'm not sure what to use right now, but I'll find out and get back to you. If you'd rather use a web interface (such as Mibbit) or your own client like UPP or mIRC, the server is IRCHighway, and the channel is #TAY.

If you'd like to just hang out and chat, you can do that as well. We'll be open more or less 24/7, so any time you feel like live chatting, join up. If you're interested in arranging an impromptu game of, say, Payday 2 or something, it's a great way to do that stuff.

What game are we going to talk about this week?

Skyrim, specifically in regards to the story and how it works, what it could do better, and stuff like that. The following Monday or Tuesday, we'll post the roundtable!

So yeah, drop on by the IRC, hang out, have a good time!