Since Stranger won’t do a write up, I did it for him! Enjoy the copy-paste of his summer anime impressions! None of this has been edited:

<@Stranger> Watching anything this season, Sa1?

<Sa1vador> I’m actually doing a write up thing for what I have watcehd so far

<@Stranger> Cool

<Sa1vador> Uh, so far

<Sa1vador> GATE

<Sa1vador> ROkka six flowers one

<Sa1vador> Classroom crisis

<Sa1vador> ushio and tora

<Sa1vador> achoo x machingun

<Sa1vador> snow white

<@Stranger> That’s all?

<Sa1vador> That’s all I seen so far

<Sa1vador> And I usually only do half a dozen anyways

<@Stranger> Mine are:

<@Stranger> GATE

<@Stranger> Rokka

<@Stranger> Charlotte

<@Stranger> Gangsta.

<@Stranger> Shimoneta (A boring world where the concept of “dirty jokes” do not exist)

<@Stranger> Prison School

<@Stranger> Overlord

<@Stranger> Dunno if I forgot one...

<@Stranger> Now for the impressions:

<@Stranger> GATE: I am caught up with the manga. I *really* love it. The manga more than the anime though, mostly because the anime is GATE-lite, censoring many things and being more lighthearted


<@Stranger> Rokka: Meh, not liking it much, but most people are liking it

<Sa1vador> Just do a write up.

<@Stranger> Charlotte: Probably my favorite this season, the MC is just way too good


<Sa1vador> And share

<Sa1vador> I wanna watch Charlotte but haven’t gottent to it yet.

<Sa1vador> Heard of Gangsta but I don’t think Crunchy has it.

<Sa1vador> and everything after that i don’t have either.

<Sa1vador> I mean heard of

<@Stranger> Gangsta: I like it, nothing “OMFG BEST ANIME OF THE SEASON” though. Still recommend you give it a try though


<@Stranger> Shimoneta: The anime making me doubt if Charlotte is my favorite of the season. Both this and Charlotte are way too good. Give it a try.

<@Stranger> Prison School: I am caught up with the manga. I really love the manga too. The anime is so far going way faster than the manga, but nothing noteworthy has being skipped so it’s fine. Lots of fan-service though, not for everyone.


<@Stranger> Overlord: Haven’t seen enough to have much of an impression so far. First ep was fine though

<@Stranger> Oh yeah, I am watching Durarara too, but that is a sequel.