I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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This is pure speculation, but I feel it's important to ask - and more importantly, to get feedback from everyone on TAY. It seems that in recent weeks - especially with the addition of new admins - there's been a bit of a clique forming in TAY that, at least to me, is a bit off-putting and unwelcoming. I won't name names, as I reckon most regulars have a solid understanding of who I'm talking about, but it's beginning to feel more and more like TAY is becoming a social gathering place for a select group of TAY users that - it seems - communicate regularly outside of TAY.

If it's just misinformed speculation on my part, let me know. My fear is that we'll end up with an elitist community, as, with the addition of these new admins, this particular group of friends seems to hold the majority of the power in the community. The last thing I want to see happen is to have TAY devolve into a single-minded pit of nonsense where not everyone gets their fair say, and where not everyone is allowed to speak freely. For now, things seems placid, and I don't feel threatened... But I know where this type of clique-like behaviour can lead (and, throughout my life, has lead).

I should also note that I have no particular desire for power here myself - while I'm admittedly ambitious and power-hunger in other walks of life, I'm very happy with simple authorship on TAY... But it's my unabashed desire for rule that lets me see potential power grabs before they happen. I hate power-abusing mods and admins, and if I see it beginning to happen on TAY, I will scream the loudest about it.


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