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“The doom of a nation can be averted only by a storm of flowing passion, but only those who are passionate themselves can arouse passion in others.”

You see that quote? It’s pretty inspirational. If a nation is dying, it can be saved by the people who care about it. Those people can win the hearts and minds of others, and everyone can come together and save what they love.


Sometimes I think about a story I heard some time ago, about a couple who were having a daughter. They were going to name their daughter “Tali’Zorah. They played Mass Effect and took a liking to the name. There were a group of people who did not approve, and criticized these parents for naming their child after a character from a video game.

I do not have children myself, but I do like the name “Rakshata”. If you don’t already know, it’ll only take one Google search of this unusual name to figure out where I got it from. Yes, I saw the anime Code Geass and when I heard the name, the chemicals in my brain reacted in such a way that it made me feel a sense of enjoyment.

I’m certain that if you were to travel back about 2000 years you would find people naming their children Paul, Peter, John, and the like. You would also find individuals saying: “You’re gonna name your kid after a guy from a fuckin’ book?!” Or something to that effect. If the parents had never mentioned that they got the name from Mass Effect, would they have been criticized? I also figured that it can and has extended beyond just names, but should it?

I am a big fan of the video game Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic 2: The Sith Lords. In this game, there is a character called Kreia. Kreia and the things she says fascinates me. So I decided to start producing videos on the game. Eventually, after I worked up the courage, I started producing videos where I would discuss her philosophy and do my best to explain her beliefs.

I’ve had conversations where I would quote her, but I wouldn’t reveal where I got the quote from. Out of fear that if people knew that it came from a video game, they would dismiss it. Even if the quote was profound, since it didn’t come from; say, a book, it’s considered worthless. I’ve seen it happen, and I have no idea how someone can completely dismiss something even though they accepted it moments ago. Does the source truly make it that different?

A comment left on one of my videos

Do you remember that quote at the beginning of this piece? Adolf Hitler said that. Now that you know that, you can probably guess with great accuracy that he most likely meant that quote in a very different way. How exactly did he think his nation was doomed? Exactly what kind of storm does he mean? I also wonder what methods of “arousal” these passionate people were employing.


But that’s not what you have to take away from that quote. I’m sure that there are other, similar quotes, from much more pleasant people, that I could have used. But I’m just trying to make a point. In Star Wars, most Jedi who leave the order for some reason, end up going to the other extreme, the dark side. I feel like people are prone to doing that. They play for a team and label themselves in everything. If that team fails them somehow, they flip and advocate for everything the other team believes.

Do you have any idea how long it took me to find and settle on using that Hitler quote? Have you ever gone through a list of quotes my him? Good lord, Hitler was a fool.

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