I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Finally, I pose a question in the headline that I can answer. Even if that question is obnoxiously long.


Since I’m still out of town for work, I am forced to make use of the hotel’s internet services instead of my wonderfully reliable wifi at home. This has reminded me of a fundamental truth in video games: nothing is more infuriating then being assaulted by connection issues during a game. I am extremely tired of seeing this message:

Sir Hippo, you said you were going to play Octopath Tra-” “I’ll play it after
this is posted, alright?”
“But Sir Hippo, you said you were going to play Octopath Tra-” “I’ll play it after this is posted, alright?”

I just want to play some Silly Tactical Waifu SimulatorTM, but I am hounded at every turn by a lost connection.

The first time the issue came up it induced a mixture of surprise and moderate disappointment, but once I reconnected the feeling subsided. This fairly negligible displeasure swiftly grew into rage as it occurred again and again, robbing me of the peaceful evening that I so desperately needed. It is not only causing me distress for my current attempt at gaming, but it has conjured unpleasant memories of connection issues in the past.


The worst incident that I remember was in a game of Overwatch. It was at the height of my interest in the game’s competitive mode, when I would stoop so low as to, *shudder*, enable team voice chat in an attempt to win. My brother and I were on a winning streak for the night, and I was doing particularly well as Soldier 76 on Numbani. Victory was very nearly at hand, all we had to do was defend against the opposing team’s last push and the game was ours. Right as the enemy appeared from around the corner, my connection lapsed. It wasn’t enough to kick me from the game, but it sent me back to the loading screen for the map. I was incoherently furious. I don’t think I’ve ever been so livid while playing a video game, and that is (embarrassingly) saying a lot. I had to listen helplessly to my brother’s callouts as my team attempted to secure the win without me. Fortunately they managed to pull off a 5v6 victory, and my anger subsided. Needless to say, that was the last game we played that night.

So, no. There is nothing more frustrating than an unstable internet connection. What are some of your connection horror stories? Tell them to me, so I may give my misery the company it so craves.

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