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Is Yoshi A Raging Capitalist?

Shocking events hit the Portuguese speaking video gaming world yesterday after Telmo from Meus Jogos DS tipped this portuguese speaking KoTAYkuite about something rather disturbing...

The music above is T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas ending theme from the recently release Super Smash Bros for 3DS. Very typical Yoshi stuff... unless you speak Portuguese!


From the 1:08 mark, Mister Munchakoopas begins singing "Dinheeeeeeiiiirrooooo, dinheeeeeeiiiiirrrooooo(...)" as in "dinheiro" which directly translates from Portuguese as "money". Cold hard currency! Cash! Dinero in Spanish!

Very disturbing, are these the values we which to teach our Portuguese children? It's bad enough the song itself is an incredible ear-worm, but now and forever I will play it whenever I get some monetary prize in €uromillions. Cause I will be living it hard, Yoshi style!

Dinheeeeeeiiiirrooooo, dinheeeeeeiiiiirrrooooo... aw man, get this out of my head!!!



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