I'm really feeling it!

Better 24 year later then never.

Depending on how old experienced you are around video games, It Came From The Desert and it's sequel should not be unfamiliar. Two top notch Commodore Amiga classics with Cinemaware's trademark cinematic presentation.


However, the cancelled Megadrive version had very little do with those, instead opting out for an overheard one or two player cooperative shooter. Think MERCS against giant ants and you're there. It is my pleasure and surprise to announce that Cinemaware along with WaterMelon are releasing the physical fully boxed cartridge version early 2015.

In case you're wondering what its all about, here is a 15 minute video from yours truly playing the game:

It's even better with a friend to play along. It Came From the Desert: The Action Game – Extended Cut should be available early 2015.I will probably regret it later, but I have to finish this post by posting this:


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