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Hey there, face here. I’m your host, Tim, and this is the Tuesday open forum.

Today is a pretty hectic day at work (meeting got rescheduled to today), so I’ll be popping in and out sporadically (DEAL WITH IT).

That said: I’m doing a cop-out, fun topic that’s been done before (Rer did something similar for a TAY Time Chat recently, if I recall).

Pick a character that you think best represents you and/or your fellow TAY members.


Pick a character you’d like to be and tell us why! What qualities stand out that you admire?


As always, feel free to totally disregard the topic and talk about what you like— it’s an open forum, after all! Let’s have a chat!

ALSO: if you don’t want somebody to pick a character for you, please just let us know. Wouldn’t want anybody to feel awkward/bad.