I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Battlefield V was a game I really wanted to root for, a game that would finally get a franchise once beloved back on track after years of identity crisis over what sort of game it was trying to be. Instead what I found was a game that applied fixes to imagined problems without once asking what the actual problems were.

(Just to clarify now, this will have nothing to do with the supposed bastardisation that is letting you play as women in a video game where you magically heal)


So let’s start off with the one good thing about the new Battlefield, the gunplay feels fast, tight, and fluid in a way it’s not felt in a long time. This results in weapons that feel deadly to use and effective instead of shooting at sponges.

Now let’s talk about all the other stuff:

· You are now reduced to only two magazines of ammo and guns go through that like no one’s business. While this was no doubt an attempt to force people to play the support class instead everyone just plays assault because it has the easily best gun and instead camp resupply stations because all firefights are basically suicide now.

· While the gunplay has been improved it’s gone right from bulletsponge straight over to Red Orchestra 2 levels of damage. The key difference however is in RO2 you had well developed limits on the number of automatic weapons available to each side, with at least 75% being bolt-action rifles. Now everyone has an STG.44 or Sten and they go nuts. Average lifespan for myself was barely ever a minute due to problem three.

· The speed of the game has been massively increased to that of Call of Duty which just doesn’t feel right for the game. Fast-paced on a small map with only one or two objectives is a lot different than 64 player battles and it really shows why, with everything just turning into spawn, run at objective/firefight, kill one or two people, die, respawn, rinse and repeat. Instead of reducing the “lull” time of battle it’s just a confusing scramble that saw teams quickly breaking the spawn system (especially on Attack v Defend) with squads able to hang round and wipe out people as they spawn in piecemeal. Yet the one place they decided to slow down the game is making you hold the “please let me die” button for 6-7 seconds to actually respawn.


· Added to that people still aren’t bothering to play objective. Dice have attempted to fix this longstanding issue by increasing points from capping but it’s still the option most players avoid, instead just rushing into firefights for no reason. I frequently saw single players capping points immediately after the other team took it because no one could be arsed to play defence. Meanwhile the few players without a group of dedicated friends to play the game can’t play objective because they’re easily wiped by the latter.

· Maps are way too large. Rotterdam descended into two teams where you could have 20 vs 20 in a firefight while a group of 4 unhindered take all 5 points in a row (this actually fucking happened). Narvik lacks so much cover that people barely leave the buildings and you get 1-2 hit killed from half the map away.


· Points to get “rewards” like V1s and Tiger tanks have been locked under a stupid “squad points” system that only the squad leader can choose. So if you’re dragging a squad and are clearly their MVP you do not get anything from it while a crap squad leader can waste all that on a terribly used resupply drop.

· Nothing is really explained in game. While the new spartan UI is pretty it does a pisspoor job of conveying information to the player. I had to frequently open up the controls mid-game to find out what newfangled crap did.


So yeah, I’ve gone from somewhat excited for this game to a complete no buy which is a damn shame.

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