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It's a Fugly Monster Throwdown in Indie Comic "Nightmare Pro Wrestling"

What happens when you throw a gaggle of hideous monsters into a WWE wrestling match? You get Nightmare Pro Wrestling (NPW for short), a comic series by Jon David and Nicole Guerra.

In Nightmare Pro Wrestling Volume 1, the Guerra's create a zany wrestling world. The good guys are Grave, a skeleton, and his tag team partner Lobo, a battered looking Wile E. Coyote. They strive to become the league's tag team wrestling champions. But they aren't the only ones gunning for wrestling super stardom. A giant demon, a unicorn-cat, pirates, a giant chicken, a toupee wearing rat, and even Kaiju want their shot too. Needless to say, the match-ups are funny and funny-looking.


The Guerra's art style really keeps the eye busy in this volume. All the monsters have a lot of detail when it comes to their warty, veiny, and hairy appearances. The wrestling action flows from panel to panel remarkably well. Finishing moves have a decent amount epicness to them. Truth be told, the first issue's art does look a bit awkward, but as soon as the Guerra's nixed the angular look for their characters - the comic really shines.

I'm not into wrestling, but I didn't have to be to enjoy Nightmare Pro Wrestling. To check out the archives, head over to the NPW site. If you want a hard copy, there's a shop too.

Here's a wrestling move that can't be beat @marshnaylor

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