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It's All Fun & Games Until Someone Calls In The Bomb Squad

There is no such thing as bad publicity, right?

Ninemsn employees were evacuated yesterday afternoon from the Australia Square building in Sydney when an entertainment journalist was sent a suspicious package. A safe was accompanied by a note which said "check your voicemail" amid a raft of blacked-out lines.

As the package couldn't be opened and was said to be making a strange noise, Ninemsn immediately called in the NSW police, which in turn called the bomb disposal unit. All staff on the floor were sent home at 3pm.

Ninemsn staffer Natasha Lee tweeted that the journalist the package was addressed to was in tears.

Once the bomb disposal unit had gained access to the safe, it contained Ubisoft's Watch Dogs game along with some promotional items.


That was a fun day at the office for sure. Bad_Dogs...


*OMAKE* SOMEONE SET UP US THE BOMB! Sorry... here is a picture of the package.


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