I'm really feeling it!

It's Finally Happening!

It's no secret I hate Buck from my Animal Crossing town of Tyrsis. He's always calling me bro. He kidnapped me! And on my birthday! (God, that post got Kinja'd.) The worst thing he does is tell everyone he's stinky...constantly.

What do you mean that's my own fault?

Anyway, in the last week, my daughter did something I never managed to do: she got Buck to move! Well, he hasn't left yet, but he did make an announcement.


It's a miracle!

I then proceeded to tell my daughter not to talk to him again. I don't want that smelly horse to change his mind like he has before. I want him gone!

But let's back up a bit. I gave up on Animal Crossing in September. Between back to school, birthdays, and Renn Fest, I forgot about my picturesque town of Tyrsis. I never wanted to go back. I was scared to lose neighbors, find roaches, and see my flowers dead, but that didn't stop my little one. In the last week she made it a mission to clean up for her Mayor's failures. She even went as far as to go exterminator on my house. Things are starting to look normal again.

Now, there was one change. We lost Cube, one of my 4 penguins.

Goodbye my favorite neighbor! Hopefully you found a great town with a Mayor that still pays attention.


Other than that, all my worrying seemed to be for no reason. Except for Buck. The Animal Crossing gods left him in my town. Those cruel, cruel gods. Since my town was looking cleaned and organized again, my daughter accepted a new challenge: Get Buck to move.

She used tactics I could never bring myself to use. She beat him with her shovel. She put pitfalls around his house. She complained to Isabelle several times a day. She kept using the excuse that she didn't like his clothes. All she wanted was for him to put on pants, which I don't think he's even capable of.


It was brilliant. And apparently effective.

Yesterday Buck announced that he's moving.

My daughter turns to me triumphantly and asked, "Any other neighbors you don't like?"


I've created a monster.

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