So talk to me, TAY. It's a pretty normal, boring Friday night. E3 is soon. Been finding a lot of great new music lately. Retron 5 is out (though mine won't arrive 'til next week). This thread is chill as the arctic. What's on your mind? What you been daydreaming about lately? Seen any good TV? Crushed any good beetles?

Here, have some cool and mellow prog rock by my favourite Polish band:

I've been meaning to make an article about cleaning old games as a follow-up to those dirty-ass games I got from eBay this week... But I can't decide if I should do a text write-up with images or a video overview of what I clean with and a short tutorial of how to clean up a game. What would yáll prefer? I'm feeling so calm and wonderful, but without the virility-wrecking effects of marijuana. It's a great night, and I wanna create.

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